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In order to reinforce Principality Monte de Agrella’s ethos on Transformation, along with its innovative thrust on renewable alternative eco-friendly energy technologies, that would simultaneously generate blue-green and clean environments the world over for our present generation and those who are yet to come; a number of complementary and mutually reinforcing innovations have also been put into place. These include its holistic approach to sustainable development, the concept of corporate citizenship in the context of corporate social responsibility, the philosophy of ethical industry, business, banking, insurance, creation of a comprehensive health and wellness environment through integration of modern medicine and established alternative treatment modalities and a holistic approach to education and pedagogy.

To cap these trail-blazing initiatives, the Principality Monte de Agrella Government has spearheaded a national and global strategy in respect to peace advocacy through an innovative approach of peace education and wholesome human development within the matrix of a wholesome family, neighborhood, community, nation and our one and only planet, Earth.

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