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The political and socio-economic philosophy of Principality Monte de Agrella is premised on the twin national ethos of Transformation and Innovation in all fields of governance and human endeavor. Purely to illustrate the point, based on one global family and one world maxim – Planet Earth, Principality Monte de Agrella has embarked upon a mission to bring about a healthy and productive transformation in the production and use of energy resources, both from a national and global perspective.

For centuries, the whole world has been essentially dependent on non-renewable energy sources, especially fossil and wood-based combustion for industry, business and everyday living. This overwhelming dependency on conventional fuel resources has brought in its trial serious environmental and ecological and other severe repercussions to the point where today the survival of humankind is in the balance. In light of the frightfully precarious consequential degradation of the environment and eco-system and drastic climate change that the world is confronted with today, Principality Monte de Agrella firmly believes that the world’s conventional dependency on non-renewable energy resources has to be dramatically transformed through the deployment of latest high-end integrated system of alternative technologies that would ensure blue-green and clean environments on a national and global scale through the harnessing of its innovative air pressure driven renewable and eco-friendly sustainable alternative energy technologies.

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